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What are Bullie Bears?

With the exception of our Full French Bulldogs our Bulldog's are a mix. We firmly believe Pure Bred dogs are a Genetic Mess (google Pure Bred dog are Genetic Monsters). Our goal is a healthier Bulldog thus we have created our our mix from generation to generation. Our puppies are exclusive with no intention of wanting them to be registered. Our puppies are sold as pets and not for breeding purposes. We have had great success over the years with only 3 bulldog health related issues reported. While we can't guarantee the pups won't have a bulldog related issue, we have been finding with the mix they have been healthier free breathing dogs.


About the Original Toy Bulldog:

The Toy Bulldog, is an extinct breed of small Bulldog that averaged 8 pounds in weight. These Bulldogs are bred with the Pug. Many of them were pushed out of Britain during the mid-to-late 19th century, as it was seen as a threat to the Bulldog breed. They were used to create the French Bulldog. Contrary to popular belief the French Bulldog was not contrived in France. The French Bulldog originally was bred in England in the 19th century by lace makers and artisans.


The Boston Terrier was developed by crossing the Toy Bulldog with the white English Terrier, along with an infusion of French Bulldog.[1]


In the early 21st century, breeders were advertising “Miniature Bulldogs”, but these would seem to be newly created Bulldog – Pug crossbreeds.




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