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Our Mission

The original Toy Bulldog has been extinct for years. Over time, we've started the process of bringing this breed back with improvements to its original stature. We're now on the 8th generation of perfecting this breed and strive to perfect this breed without any health issues that usually come with other various bulldog breeds. We aim to produce free breathing dogs—that can withstand the summer temperatures. We can report in the 8 years of producing Mini and Toy Bulldogs we have had just 3 Bulldog related health issues. We strive to produce healthier Bulldogs and are finding our goal is being met.


Our Bulldogs are exclusive and carefully planned. We do not just mix a French Bulldog with a English bulldog and call it a Mini Bulldog. We have been breeding the lines for generations to get to what we call a Mini Bulldog and a Toy Bulldog. Our prices are affordable, we want our pups in loving homes at a early age which we feel is important for the pups socializing and upbringing.  

Our orignal goal was to produce what looks like a miniature version of the American Bulldog or Bull Mastiff . Even though some will resemble the American Bulldog there is no American Bulldog blood in them. We also have what looks just like a full Frenchie in smaller size but we also produce Pure Bred French Bulldogs. Our Toy pups will grow to be between 8-15 lbs, our Mini Bulldog pups are slightly larger between 18-30 lbs, our Mini English Bulldog 30-45 lbs and our French Bulldog 23-30 lbs. We have various colors which include Blue Fawns, Merle’s and pups with blue eyes and green eyes.

Each generation gets better and better and are a small breed dog that makes a great family dog. These dogs are not a snappish breed, they are smart, loving, and have great personalities that will make you laugh with joy!


We usually have our deposit list started prior to the breeding’s. The order we receive the deposit is the order depositor's get to select their pup.  Deposits are $500.00 and non-refundable. Please note that our deposit lists are most times full prior to the pups being born.

All of our pups will go home with standard puppy shots; they will be checked out by a veterinarian with a health certificate issued and will have started crate training. We offer Micro chipping at adoptive owners expense.



We also encourage weekly visits from the adoptive families until the pups are ready to go home. These visits are good socializing and bonding for the pups. For those families who live to far to visit, no worries, your pup too will get the experience of meeting their siblings' families when they come.



All of our dogs are in home raised, well loved and cared for. We do occasionally place out dogs into loving homes for our future breeding’s. We also do adopt out our retired parents for a small adoption fee, any parents we adopt out are adopted in an As Is Condition. They do not come with any health guarantee but they will have vet papers with shot records.

Breeding Fee

We stand behind every puppy we produce and sell.  Our puppies go without breeding rights. You must understand our dogs are exclusive they have been carefully bred and we will not allow the lines to be ruined.  All puppy buyers will be asked to sign a no breeding clause.  Breeding will only be allowed if approved by us.  For breeding rights there is a extra fee.

Our Guarantee and Refund Policy

Our Mini and Toy pups are guaranteed for 2 years. Our Full French  are guaranteed for 1 year. Though we can not guarantee traditional Bulldog issues (Call for more information about the specific issues not guaranteed). We have found our Mini puppies have been less likely to have these issues. Once a pup leaves our home there are no refunds. If you find you can not keep the pup or your dog I can help you find a new home for him/her. We take back any dog produced by us. Any pup or dog that can not be kept must be returned if a suitable home can not be found.  

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